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  • Appointed to Fulton County Superior Court

  • Career public servant for Georgians

  • Former prosecutor & asst. attorney general

  • Reputation for character & integrity

  • Dedicated to a fair & effective legal system

  • Committed to protecting the safety of our community & our citizens

  • Strong work ethic

  • Treats all litigants with dignity & respect

  • Graduate of Duke University & Emory Law

  • Resident of Fulton County for over 18 years

Dear fellow Fulton County residents,
     It has been an honor to serve you as a Fulton County Superior Court judge and I would be truly grateful for your vote on May 19, 2020.
     My goals in this position have been (1) to give equitable treatment & fair administration of justice to all parties before the Court, (2) to vigilantly safeguard the well-being of our community from dangerous criminals, and (3) to make the legal process as efficient as possible by ensuring that, as a judge, I am responsive, prepared for court proceedings, cognizant of all parties' time, and rule in a timely manner.
     With your support in May, I will persist in these goals and humbly continue in my service to you.

                               Emily Richardson



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Friends of Judge Richardson, Inc.
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I am truly grateful for your support. 

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